Rutgers Loses Game In The Most Rutgers Way Imaginable

Every week, one of my first responsibilities for the week here over at COED is my campus ambassador post. Our campus ambassador program is this super cool look into all the major colleges across the country, through the eyes of an actual student. For example, I’m the Rutgers Campus Ambassador, while my sister is the Penn State rep. However, there’s a slight difference between mine and my sister’s responsibilites: while most of her Penn State posts are lighthearted, enjoyable articles about raising money for charity or a dance-a-thon or Chipotle delivering or sorority rush, my Rutgers posts are more along the lines of “well how did we mess up this week?”

So, here we are: another Monday, another week where Rutgers has found a way to hilariously screw themselves. I guess there’s a silver lining, though, as no one was arrested this week. At least as far as we know.

Anyway, trailing by 6 with just under a minute left, Rutgers had a chance to wipe away all the misgivings of the last couple of weeks and walk away with arguably the biggest victory in school history. As Michigan State was ranked #4, they would have been the first top 5 team Rutgers has ever beaten. With the ball at midfield, Rutgers would have a shot at a game tying touchdown. But then, Rutgers remembered we are Rutgers, and this happened:

They SPIKED THE BALL ON 4TH DOWN. I’m a Jets and Mets fan, so it’s safe to say I’ve seen my fair share of boneheaded plays, but this one takes the cake, bar none.

Sure, the odds of Rutgers coming down with a 50 yard Hail Mary to win the game weren’t too great, but it’s better than spiking the ball!!! There are so many curse words I want to yell type right now. Specifically, Ruck Futgers.

ICYMI: @RFootball interim coach Norries Wilson takes blame for final play and gets emotional in postgame presser.

— Big Ten Network (@BigTenNetwork) October 11, 2015

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