WATCH: FSU vs. Miami Dudes Fight At Game Over Weekend

FSU Miami Fight Tallahasse Video

This weekend, FSU defeated Miami on the field but there were a couple of Miami Hurricanes who left Tally with a victory. We’re referring, of course, to the two Miami students who absolutely hammered at least 7 FSU kids during a fight at the SigEp tailgate.

Unfortunately no one recorded the beat down in one full video, but we do have two different clips (in chronological order) here:


— jrod (@itsjustjrod) October 11, 2015

gotta love this place

— jrod (@itsjustjrod) October 11, 2015

Obviously the star of the show is the Miami dude who bobbing, ducking, weaving, and crossing his way to the finish line but after awhile he finally fought too many people. In the second video you can see him get tackled. But hey, that’s what happens when you try and take on an entire school.

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