Best Bills Mafia Photos and Videos Prove They’re The Best Fans In Football

Buffalo Bills Mafia Best Fan Videos Photos

They’re calling it the Rex Effect. That somehow, the arrival of new head coach Rex Ryan has energized the once dormant Buffalo Bills fan base into what are now known as the Bills Mafia.

As a New York Jets fan, I can tell you that the “Rex Effect” is totally palpable, without question. But that doesn’t necessarily explain what the hell has been going on up in upstate New York this year. Is it something Buffalo’s water? Or maybe they’ve always been like this and no one has cared to notice since it’s Buffalo.

Either way, I wanna party with them. The Buffalo Bills Mafia are one of our favorite fans in the NFL today. Check out the best Buffalo Bills fans videos and photos below.

Buffalo Bills Body Slam Into Food Table

Just got this from a buddy. I can't make this up @BarstoolBigCat #billsmafia

— JoshMacarena (@j_zagamacarena) September 20, 2015

Fans Kissing While Guy Pukes

Can't beat bills fans. Unreal.

— Jimmy Rowley (@RowleyJimmy) September 20, 2015

Beer Bong / Failed RKO

Dizzy Bat Brain Damage

Stanky Leg/RKO Outta No Where


Hey It’s Buffalo (Trap Queen Remix)

Bills Fan Pisses On Tom Brady


Bills Fans Doing Cocaine In Stands


Butt Fingering Bills Fans


Buffalo Bills “Old Fashioned” Missed Connection

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