American Airlines 550 Pilot Died In Mid-Air, Stewardess Unable To Save Him

American Airlines Flight 550’s pilot died while on the trip from Phoenix to Boston this morning. According to reports, a stewardess onboard the Airbus A320 who was also a nurse tried to save his life. The plane, while delayed, landed safely at its final destination. [lead image via Facebook]
The red-eye American Airlines 550 flight which left at 12:08 AM MST was diverted to Syracuse, New York where it landed at 7:11 AM EST. After stopping, the flight resumed to Boston with a replacement crew.
Audio from the medical emergency in the cockpit was recorded below.

‘Medical emergency, captain is incapacitated, request handling for runway 108,’ says the pilot. It never ceases to amaze me how cool, calm and collected both pilots and air traffic controllers are during stressful times like these.

The cause of the pilot’s death, and their name, are both unknown at this time. An American Airlines representative made this statement:
“This is a terribly sad event and American Airlines is focused on caring for the pilot’s family at this time, as well as the American Airlines staff and passengers on board the flight.”
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