Coachella Will Bring New Festival To NYC, Called Panorama

Panorama Music Festival 2016

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG Live)–the company that puts together Coachella, Firefly, Hangout Fest, and a couple of other major festivals–is looking to bring a version of Coachella to New York City.

The powers that be are now officially calling this festival “Panorama” and had previously considered using Flushing Meadows Corona Park as the site. You know the place–the empty park that once hosted the World’s Fair and now is only famous because it was in Men In Black.

The name “Panorma” stems from the amazing Panorama of the City of New York, a nearly 10,000 square foot to-scale model of New York City. That model is located inside the Queens Museum, which is within the park.

Important Update 1/12/2015: It’s now official, Panorama (just “Panorama”, not “Panorama Music Festival” or “Panorama Art Festival”) has the green light. The festival won’t be at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, but rather Randall’s Island Park. The inaugural event will present three days of top tier musical performances, dynamic art installations, innovative technology, and some of NYC’s best local eats.

The City turned down Panorama’s original request because they did not want a festival inside of the Park grounds. “While we are heartened by the interest in one of Queens’ most historic parks, our primary concern is ensuring the park is available for the many New Yorkers who call Flushing Meadows Corona Park their backyard,” said NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver

Panorama Dates:

The inaugural Panorama will take place over three days, from July 22nd-24th. Some people are pissed because they think the two festivals will draw away from each other, especially in regards to headliners and performers. One of those people is Tom Russell, the Project Manager for Governor’s Ball who told this to Gothamist:

New York City is big enough for two music festivals but the proposed timing of this sets up an unnecessary rivalry. We’re a small, local promoter up against a big corporate machine. We know how those fights typically work out.

People had started a petition asking Mayor DeBlasio to reject Panorma’s bid to party here in NYC, but that clearly failed. The petition may have actually had some effect though–instead of being two weeks away from Governor’s Ball, Panorama is now seven weeks afterwards.

Panorama Headliners:

AEG signed LCD Soundsystem to a three festival tour, so we know that they’ll be headlining Panorama, Coachella, and FYF Fest.

Every night’s a different story

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Panorama Tickets

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