Bud Light Bright Spot At TomorrowWorld 2015 Festival

TomorrowWorld Bud Light

Anyone who attended TomorrowWorld will be happy to tell you that it was totally awesome… until they tried to leave on Saturday night. But Bud Light (one of TomorrowWorld’s biggest sponsors) was definitely a bright spot among the darkness and provided TomorrowWorld guests with tons of dope opportunities and attractions.

Bud Light’s biggest presence at the festival? The awesome special edition TomorrowWorld cans spotted everywhere.

But what a lot of people didn’t realize is that they also provided a huge tower in the middle of the Main Stage to give everyone a VIP experience. See for yourself in the photo below–it’s the raised platform to the left side of the speaker tower. Hands down, the best location at the best stage.

TomorrowWorld Bud Light Tower

So rather than only accepting people with thousand dollar wristbands or $22K minimums at their tables, Bud Light provided an awesome stage above the crowd where people could chill, dance, and refresh with some cold Bud Leezys. We saw firsthand how stoked people were to be there.

Bud Light also was well represented within DreamVille, hosting a covered beer garden that was a welcome relief from the rain. In addition to serving Bud Lights, the beer garden also hosted the “Wall of Whatever” which essentially rewarded TomorrowPeople (?) with awesome things like helicopter rides, bellboys, and tons of other gifts. You can see just how ecstatic people were to win.

Dude is ecstatic right now winning a bellhop at the @budlight Wall of Whatever pic.twitter.com/gewyG153bm

— COED.com (@COED) September 26, 2015

Overall, our experience at TomorrowWorld was a positive one and Bud Light was a big part of that. Big special thanks to the Bud Light family for hosting us and to all the people we met and partied with.

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