Texas Tech Red Raiders Cheerleaders: Hottest Photos of the Squad

As if snagging a group of the hottest college chicks in the world and putting them in a super-hot uniform wasn’t enough, the Texas Tech Red Raiders cheerleaders top off an already good thing with a great big dose of enthusiasm and an ample pinch of pep. Did we mention that they’re super-hot, too? Sorry, just had to point that out one more time.

Given the fact that Texas rarely drops below 70 degrees, it’s pretty obvious why each and every one of Texas Tech’s Raiders Cheerleaders truly appears to have a sun-kissed glow. These beautiful women don’t segregate either; they can be seen cheering along on the side line’s of virtually every sporting event that Texas Tech has to offer.

Texas Tech has two cheerleading squads which are split into the co-ed cheer and all-girl cheer teams. The program director is Stephanie Rhode, while Bruce Bills and Erin Harold also assist the squads.
Cheerleaders receive unique benefits from being on the Texas Tech cheer squad, including tanning and skin care services, eyelash extension services and a tea sponsorship.

With bright red pom-poms, tons of crazy cheer moves, and an incredible amount of eye-candy induced sexiness, Texas Tech’s Red Raiders cheerleaders truly are one of the hottest college cheer squads around,

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2017-2018 All-Girl Cheer Squad

  • Taylor Harrison
  • Decklyn O’Neal
  • Maddi West
  • Sam Smith
  • Brooke Henry
  • Kayla McFarland
  • Keely Ehlers
  • Ashley Grissom
  • Jessica Stiglmeier
  • Jade Brown
  • Savannah Mize
  • Paxton Barber
  • Hannah Sheaffer
  • Karsyn Hunt
  • Kendall Billstone
  • Lexi Atkinson
  • Hunter Heck
  • Mindy Gilbert
  • Whitney Wheeler
  • Tanner Jones
  • Madi Durham
  • Rylee Freeman
  • Coach Bruce Bills

2017-2018 Texas Tech Coed Cheer Squad

Sabrina Garcia, Samantha Tamburo, Erika Hughes, Kassi Cruz, Lindsay White, Briana Brown, Samantha Fitzpatrick, Kennedy Hudson, Kimberly Riddle, Carly Manning, Ashleigh Spivey, Katie Heidtke, Deylon Kirschling, McKenna Watkins
Brandon Wu, Vincent Farello, TJ Ollison, Kyle Desenberg, Christopher Quiaoit, Domanic Sorosjinda, Brian Moore, Jordan Felix-Miller, Austin Zimmerman, Drew Connolly, Dylan Barrett, Malachi Edwards, Joseph Harris III, Bobby Rinaldi, Will Arrott, Maverick Lopez, Shawn Deguire





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