Seahawks vs. Lions: How To Watch NFL Monday Night Football

The first quarter of the NFL season comes to a close tonight, with two of the more disappointing teams in the league facing off on Monday Night Football. The Seattle Seahawks, the two-time defending NFC Champions, had Superbowl expectations yet again this season. The Lions, also coming off a playoff birth, were supposed to improve behind their gunslinging quarterback and young defense.

Well, here we are four weeks into the season, and neither team has met expectations. The Seahawks are a shaky 1-2, and without their best player, Marshawn Lynch. The Lions remembered they are in fact The Detriot Lions, and have regressed back to their usual ineptitude, sporting a 1-3 record.

There is no such thing as a guarantee, especially in the NFL, but I just don’t see the Lions pulling this out tonight. Calvin Johnson has lost a step, Golden Tate has been M.I.A., and their playing in the NFL’s most hostile stadium. I’ll take the Seahawks in this one, 24-13.

How To Watch Seahawks vs. Lions Live on Television


Below is the list of channel numbers for ESPN:

  • Time Warner: Channel 300 (SD & HD) and channel 24 for non-digital customers
  • Verizon Fios: Channel 570 (HD) and 70 (SD)
  • DirectTV: Channel 206 (SD & HD)
  • Dish Network: Channel 140 (SD &HD)
  • New Visions: Channel 757 (HD) and 70 (SD)
  • Cablevision: Channel 36 (SD & HD)

How To Watch Seahawks vs. Lions Live Stream on Computer

Tonight’s Seahawks vs Lions game is being aired on Monday Night Football on ESPN, which is good news if you have a cable subscription. All you need to do is log into and enter your cable provider information. If you don’t have one, you can ask a friend and enter that instead.

How To Watch Seahawks vs. Lions Live Stream on Phone, Tablet, Mobile Devices

Since ESPN is airing all the Monday Night Football games, you’ll need someone’s cable subscription information handy. You’ll also need to download the WatchESPN app (Google Play Store, iTunes Store, Windows 8). Once you have both of those things, simply enter your cable provider information on the log in screen and you should be good to go.

The WatchESPN app is also available for Kindle Fire Devices, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 devices.

How To Watch Seahawks vs. Lions Live Stream Without ESPN Log In

There are a multitude of online illegal streams that will playing the games, although these are really your last resort considering they all stink, have ads pop up everywhere, and often lose connection.

So other than going through a bar, or watching through the window of an electronic store, you might be sh*t outta luck. Get some cable, ya bum.


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