Rutgers Hacked For The Fourth Time This Year

Rutgers University announced Monday it was fending off a distributed denial-of-service attack that crippled its Internet and Wi-Fi access. The latest cyberattack on a major U.S. research institution comes after a number of similar hacks against Rutgers, a school of approximately 65,000 undergraduate students. [lead image via Shutterstock]

“We are currently experiencing a denial-of-service event affecting Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi access,” Rutgers said on its Facebook page. “OIT is working to resolve the issue, and we will inform the Rutgers community as soon as we have more information.”

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The hack also affected Sakai and eCollege, two online learning tools used to administer homework, tests and other communication. So, to my Creative Non Fiction and Soul Psychology teachers, that’s why my homework’s late.

It is the first attack on Rutgers since the university invested $3 million (?!?!?!??!?!?!) to better protect its computer networks after at least four attacks during the past school year. That upgrade was the primary reason Rutgers raised tuition and fees by 2.3 percent for the 2015-16 school year, reported in August, with a hacker known as Exfocus claiming responsibility for the problems.

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“Honestly, I am sitting here dumbfounded at the amount of incompetence displayed once again by the Rutgers IT department,” Exfocus wrote in a post on Pastebin in April. “I could run circles around all of you with my eyes closed, and one leg amputated.”

Exfocus just perfectly summed up the way everyone feels about Rutgers.

Like, the worst part is that Rutgers is actually an incredible school (top 50 in the world) and the degree I receive from there is going to take me very far in life (already got a sweeeeeeet gig at this place), but our publicity is just so damn bad that it makes you wonder if maybe Rutgers is actually just f*cking with everybody? Maybe? No? Alright.

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