Rudimental’s We The Generation Is Upbeat Album We Love

Rudimental is a band that likes to put the world in a good mood, so if you’re not up for smiles and infectious head bounces then We The Generation is not for you. But if you’re down for feeling good and positive about life, you’re in for a real treat. We the Generation is an 11 track album that focuses on the bands’ message to spread love, something their drum and bass sound is built to do.

We The Generation is Rudimental’s second album and thankfully doesn’t depart from their big band sounding drum and bass hooks or backbone they owned with Home. Instead, they seemed to increase their focus more in the uptempo nature of WTG. That’s something they let you know with the first song “I Will Love You (feat. Will Heard).” Not only does the song title seem to embody the entire idea of WTG, it’s my favorite song on the album.

Sure, you’ve got a couple of slower, mellower tracks like “Common Emotion (feat. MNEK)” and even “Go Far (feat. Will Heard)” but even those get a little funky.

The biggest track on the album is without a doubt “Bloodstream,” a single they made with the oh so hot now Ed Sheeran. Its subject matter might be a little more melancholy than the rest of WTG, but even this cut will get your blood pumping. Big band, big drums, big horns–they’re all there along with the haunting voice of Ed.

If the theme of “Bloodstream” talks about the dangers of what can happen when someone doesn’t find love, WTG spends the rest of the time talking about why positivity and friends are so important. Even Dizee Rascal, who unfortunately phoned in a less than impressive verse on “Love Ain’t Just a Word,” raps about how people need to stop having so much hate in their hearts. Thankfully that one feature is the only complaint I have with the album, and that’s mostly because “Love Ain’t Just a Word” is one of the better cuts on the album.

The truth is that positive messages becomes a lot easier to do when the music itself sounds fun. In fact, the group finished recording the album in Jamaica–a place that knows a thing or two about spreading love.

With We The Generation, you get the feeling that Rudimental asks its listeners and audience to help be the change they want to be in the world, simply by finding someone and letting them know they care. But rather than doing it with acoustic guitars and tambourines, they’re proving that you can spread the love on the dance floor.

Rudimental is in NYC for two nights this week, Webster Hall on Tuesday and Warsaw on Wednesday. Do yourself a favor and buy two tickets then bring someone you care about.

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