Oklahoma State Cowboys Cheerleaders: Hottest Photos of the Squad

Oklahoma State Cheerleaders

There’s just nothing like a hot cowgirl. So of course, it shouldn’t be surprising at all that the Oklahoma State Cowboys would have one incredibly hot group of cowgirl’s to cheer them on! Hot, talented, and jam-packed with spirited southern team pride, the Oklahoma State Cowboys Cheerleaders are one of a kind.

With sweet southern accents, tons of enthusiasm, and loads of talent, the Oklahoma State Cowboys cheer leaders truly are a tough bunch to miss. How this squad doesn’t distract the players from the game is completely beyond us, but they sure are easy on the eye’s. Although they may not come adorned with cowgirl gear or ride in on horses swinging their lasso’s high, the Oklahoma State Cowboys cheerleaders are bound to cheer their way into the hearts of anyone lucky enough to witness these cowgirls in action!

Update: The OSU Cowboys take on Oklahoma in the return of the Big 12 Championship game.  Be sure to check back for new photo updates.

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