SAE Michigan Mudbowl 2015 Will Continue At Different Venue

SAE Mudbowl

Good news everyone: the annual University of Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mudbowl is going to continue, despite the school’s best efforts to shut it down. This will be the 82nd year of its existence. [lead image via mlive]

The sad news is that the game will no longer take place on the lawn of the former SAE house because the fraternity was kicked off campus for allegations of hazing back in 2011. We featured that house in our great recap of the Greatest Fraternity Houses of the Midwest article below.

This year members of the now defunct SAE fraternity (who now operate under the name “The Flying Eagles”) will host the Mud bowl at their alumni-owned home on Washtenaw Avenue as an independent group of U-M students. It’s the same house we featured in our list of Best Fraternity Houses of the Midwest.

Although The Flying Eagles claim they’re an unaffiliated organization, they do admit they have a duty to continue the tradition.

Zach Dubin, a junior at Michigan had this to say about the Mud Bowl:

We do in fact have the authority to host this year’s Mud Bowl. As the custodians of an 82-year tradition, we want nothing more than to host this special event, an event that is in no way associated with the SAE national organization. [source]

Good on The Flying Eagles because honestly the Mud Bowl is one of the most legendary college traditions today.

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