JMU FIJI Letter Instructs Recruits How To Pick Up Freshman Chicks

Fiji JMU Letter

Deadspin just published a letter they claim was sent by a James Madison University Phi Gamma Delta fraternity brother to potential recruits, essentially instructing them how to pick up freshman chicks.

This same letter even goes so far as to lay out which rooms some freshman girls live in, and what they rank on a scale of 1-10.

You can read the letter in full below. FYI, “FROG Week” is short for FReshman Orientation Guide week.

JMU Fiji Letter

I’m not going to debate whether or not we should discuss this letter in the fear that FIJI gets in trouble because Deadspin has already written about it, which means this is going to be big news soon.

But we are going to talk about some key points:

• First off, if this letter was written by a FIJI brother and given out to freshman then WHO found out about the girls, where they live, and what they rank?

• The kid who wrote this knows that it’s creepy to list the girls, and admits that. Solid move.

• Get dressed quickly? Why quickly?

• It’s almost (almost) weirder to me that this dude laid out not just girls, but guys that he’s deemed cool enough to “tag along.”

So yeah needless to say FIJI is probably going to get taken down a peg or two because of this letter which actually would have been super helpful information if not for the whole “we’ve identified that best looking 18-year-olds you should try and bring to our house.”

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