If You Want to See Gisele Bundchen in the Flesh, You Need $700

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen wants you to see her in the flesh, but it’s not going to come cheap.

Tom Brady’s insanely hot wife is releasing a new limited edition book, complete with 300 photos (some of which feature her in the flesh), for $700. She’ll also be personally signing each copy.

So really, money can buy you happiness.

Dropping in November, the release marks the model’s 20th anniversary in the modeling industry, and will also include several personal anecdotes. Sounds awesome, right? Well you better reserve your copy now – there’s only 1,000 books being printed.

German publishing company Taschen said in a press release, “[The book will be] accompanied by tributes from Gisele’s closest friends, family, and fashion leaders, who shed light on how and why she has become one of the greatest models of all time.”

Ok we’ll take 100.

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