LISTEN: Fetty Wap’s New Album “Fetty Wap” Is Streaming Now

fetty wap new album stream

Rapper Fetty Wap released Fetty Wap, his first full length album a full day early on NPR but is now available on Spotify. You can listen to the self-titled record below in its entirety.

The rapper has had an incredible year this year, being named to XXL’s Freshman Class and also has more than a couple of BET Hip Hop nominations. But even with all the critical acclaim, he’s still thought of an artist who releases singles.

But with the release of Fetty Wap, the Patterson, NJ lyricist is looking to change all of that. What do you think of his new album?

Fetty Wap Track List

1. “Trap Queen”
2. “How We Do Things” feat. Monty
3. “679” feat. Monty
4. “Jugg” feat. Monty
5. “Trap Luv”
6. “I Wonder”
7. “Again”
8. “My Way” feat. Monty
9. “Time” feat. Monty
10. “Boomin”
11. “RGF Island”
12. “D.A.M.”
13. “No Days Off” feat. Monty
14. “I’m Straight”
15. “Couple Bands”
16. “Rock My Chain” feat. M80
17. “Rewind” feat. Monty

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