University of Delaware Under Investigation After Authorities Find Fake Nooses Hanging From Trees

University of Delaware was under investigation for a possible hate crime last night after authorities found several nooses hanging from trees around campus.

The supposed nooses were believed to be hung between dusk and 10 p.m. that day. After the incident,University of Delaware President Nancy Targett released a statement on the school’s Facebook page:

UD Police are investigating a racist display found outside Mitchell Hall tonight and it is being investigated as a hate crime. Anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area between dusk and 10 p.m. is asked to contact police at 302-831-2222. Acting President Nancy M Targett: “We are both saddened and disturbed that this deplorable act has taken place on our campus. This hateful display stands in stark contrast to Monday night’s peaceful protest and discussion. We condemn this despicable action and ask everyone in our community to stand together against intolerance and hate.” ‪#‎VoicesofUDel‬

However after further investigation, the “nooses” were nothing more than “remnants of paper lanterns from an event previously held” on campus.

In retrospect, this is kind of hilarious. Here’s what they looked like:

University of Delaware Hate Crime
University of Delaware Police Chief Patrick Ogden said Wednesday morning, “The items that were left in the tree were part of a decoration from a paper lantern that was used during an event held on The Green that was a UD-sanctioned event. We received several reports from students who said they had seen the materials hanging in the tree. I am confident that we have determined the origin of these items.”

Lesson learned – never leave the wire hangings of a perfectly good lantern.

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