SIU Isn’t More Dangerous Than Other Illinois Universities

SIU Crime Rates

[Editor’s Note: This article is a response to the survey that alleges Southern Illinois University is the #1 ranking violent crime school among mid-sized Illinois universities. You can read that full story here.]

I think the reason SIU is so high up is because we are in such small town that everything that happens in it blows up big! But that doesn’t change the fact that we actually had a lot of accidents in the last two semesters. Most of these accidents were from freshmen that just came to SIUC and wanted to prove their hood bullsh*t. I have been here since 2010.

Personally, I’ve been everywhere in Carbondale and never had any problem at all whether is 7 in the morning or even 3 AM after the bars close. My friends and I always walk around town at night and have never faced any of these accidents. Still, most of what happens and gets reported happened in shady places around town. I mean you don’t walk through the forest and expect nothing to happen to you–especially if you are a girl.

Most my girlfriends these days walk with pepper spray and tasers just case, but none of them have actually used them. Always better safe than sorry.

I heard about the robberies that were reported, and most of them happened in places that have low foot traffic around them.

As far as aggravated assault is concerned, I mean come on put couple of young people in a closed place and give them alcohol what do expect to happen. I’m sure that other college towns have a higher rate than us, they just don’t report it for the sake of keeping these statistics low so they can have a higher enrollment rate to attract more students to their university.

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