Ask a Babe: Brandi Marie Answers Your Life Questions

Look – life can be hard, and sometimes we need help. And who knows how to do life better than you? Hot girls.

Luckily model and all-around babe Brandi Marie is here to help. The brunette bombshell contemplated your most pressing questions in between shoots, so be grateful! And be thankful that you’re getting advice from someone this hot!

Here’s what she had to say about expensive birthday gifts, drunken hookups, and bad breath:

This girl just broke up with me because I have bad breath. Is she kidding me?! Is it really that bad?!
Bad breath is a huge turn-off. Nothing worse than going in for a kiss and getting a face full of disgusting fumes. It is fixable though! She was probably looking for an excuse to get out of the relationship and settled with that.

Last year I got my girlfriend this amazing gift for her birthday – I took her on a Spring Break cruise. Right now I have no money and I’m worried she’ll be angry when I get her something not as awesome. Any way to get around this?
If your girlfriend gets angry because you don’t get her a birthday gift that is big and pricey… F*CK HER. She is definitely not worth it. The fact that you are even thinking of that possibility means there is something wrong here. Not all meaningful gifts have to break the bank! Make her dinner, light a few candles and watch a movie… taking time out of your day for her should be enough to make her happy.

Whenever I get drunk, I always makeout with my sister’s friend. But whenever I see her out in public, she never talks to me. What’s the deal?
Probably because she is drunk too. There’s a couple possibilities here… The first one is she’s just looking for a casual hookup and nothing more. She is acting in her own interest. (Yes, some girls do think like men) Second, she’s friends with your sister and might be trying to keep it on the low so she doesn’t find out. That could end up being a huge mess! Third, amnesia… but I’m leaning towards the first one.

I’ve been out with this girl a few times but she never texts me. Once I text her, we have a pretty good conversation. What’s going on?
Ahh, this is such a huge problem. Most girls wait for a guy to text them first. “I don’t want to be annoying,” “Let’s see how long it takes him to think of me,” “If he wants to talk, he’ll text me,” “I don’t want to seem like I’m trying too hard;” girls like to feel wanted. But regardless of gender, if you like someone and want to talk to them then send them a text!

What does a guy have to do to take you out?
Make me laugh. I’m pretty easy. If you can keep a smile on my face, you have my attention.

I’m a freshman and I’m crushing on a senior. What are the chances she’s going to be into it?
It really depends on the girl. To some, age is just number. I know a few who are into younger men. They tend to be more open-minded, less cynical, and eager to please. I say give it a shot and see what happens!

Why are some girls totally against swallowing? Am I missing something?
Everyone has their own preference. I think most of it has to do with a taste/texture thing. Afraid of what it will be like and if it will send them into the bathroom to vomit. In my opinion, do whatever pleases your man and makes them happy. ;)

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