WKU Student Questions Donald Trump on Muslim Americans, Gets Blown Off

A sophomore at Western Kentucky University put presidential hopeful Donald Trump on the spot at his rally in Iowa this weekend, only to get completely blown off. Surprise, surprise.

Lily Nellans, 19, questioned Trump’s ideas on Muslim Americans after he let an attendee at Thursday’s New Hampshire rally claim that President Barack Obama was a Muslim and that Muslim Americans were a “problem.” Rather than correcting the man, Trump moseyed around the comments and later claimed that he was not morally obligated to correct him… whatever that means.

Unlike Trump, Nellans felt obligated to state her opinion on the matter. When given the microphone by a Trump supporter, she stated, “So I consider Muslim Americans to be an important asset to our country and society. Would you consider putting one on your cabinet or even on your ticket?”

After a few back and forths with Nellans (Trump apparently didn’t hear the question correctly the first time around… is the toupee to blame?), he stated, “Oh, absolutely, no problem… OK?”

HA! Good one; solid answer!

Disappointed, Nellans just said ok and sat down.

 “I wish he would have done more,” Nellans told The Huffington Post. “I wish he would have stood up for the contributions Muslim Americans make and took a stand against the racism that other of his supporters have put forward at events such as this… I think he just didn’t want to make it an issue, didn’t want any sound bites from answering too much…  I think our president should stand up against things like Islamophobia, not support it,” she said. “I wouldn’t have had a problem with him talking about how we are going to combat fundamentalism or ISIS, but the first things out of his mouth should have been, ‘Our president is a citizen, and he is a Christian and even if he were a Muslim, that would be OK.”

While Trump continues to lead in the polls, there’s still time for the American people to get their sh*t together.

Fingers crossed.

[H/T: Huffington Post]

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