Snapchat Update Introduces Lenses, Selfie-Lovers Go Crazy

The latest Snapchat update will have you stylizing your selfies and wasting even more time on your cell phones. Hooray!

Deemed Lenses, the new Snapchat program allows you to spice up your selfies with funny characters and effects. Time to get a little crazy on that Tinder profile. Here’s what we mean:

Snapchat Update

Dude… your face is on fire.

Or if videos are more your style, have at it:

So SnapChat has an update and am feeling stupid using the update 😂😂

— ✖️•BaddoSneh•✖️ (@_oneou) September 15, 2015

She’s puking rainbows! Totally wished I puked rainbows.

Snapchat is also allowing users to replay more snaps for 3 for $0.99. This could come in handy… for obvious reasons that we won’t get into. And on top of that, the popular social platform also unveiled the “trophy case,” which seems to give badges for different actions.

So where should we start first? Enlarging our eyes or puking rainbows? So many decisions…

Image via Shutterstock 

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