Delta State Shooter Told Police "He's Not Going to Jail"

Shannon Lamb, the suspected Delta State University shooter, spoke with police and told them that he’s not going to jail.
Yesterday afternoon authorities identified Delta State geography instructor Shannon Lamb as the suspected shooter of Amy Prentiss, Lamb’s girlfriend who was found shot to death in her home, and history professor Ethan Schmidt, who was found shot to death in his campus office.
The two professors appeared to have a friendly relationship, Schmidt even thanking Lamb for his support and friendship in the acknowledgements of his 2014 book Native Americans in the American Revolution.
During a press conference Monday night Gautier Police said that Lamb was still at large, and urged other law enforcement authorities to use extreme caution if the opportunity to approach the suspect presented itself.
The did not reveal how or when they spoke to Lamb.
Shannon Lamb has been found dead late Monday night, shortly after telling police that he wasn’t going to jail.
Lamb was able to escape the university campus, which was on lockdown after the shooting, and somehow managed to travel to Arkansas then return to Mississippi.
According to the New York Times, police finally caught up with Lamb late Monday night after a license plate reader caught Lamb’s car traveling across a bridge near the Mississippi river.

Police on the other side in Greenville followed Lamb but did not try to apprehend him, Bingham said. Lamb then pulled over and took off on foot. Bingham said the police were waiting for backup when they heard a gunshot. When backup arrived, they searched and found Lamb with a gunshot wound to the head.

Lamb’s motive remains unclear, however he had apparently asked for some time off for an unknown medical issue.

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