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WATCH: President Obama Eats Rawish Salmon on Running Wild With Bear Grylls


Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.40.19 PM

Running Wild with Bear Grylls is turning out to be a pretty legit show. I mean, damn, the dude got the PRESIDENT to hike up with him to Alaska and eat raw fish. I mean, Obama is technically  risking his life. He could fall down a ravine and snap his neck, or get mauled by a bear. Unlikely, but possible.

I like Obama, I really do. I think he catches an unwarranted amount of sh*t, espescially considering the fact the America he inherited was firmly in the sh*tter. I can confidently say we are less in the sh*tter now than we were when he first took office, and that is all you can ask of a President. But WTF Barry O? You really had time to trek on up to Alaska to film a television show for NBC? We all know you’re not really toughing it out there, you’re the f*cking President of the United States. I understand you’re in your victory lap year Obama, but damn, isn’t there a baby to kiss or photo-op to take somewhere?

With all that said, this is an averagely cool video, about an averagely cool dude making the most recognizable man in the world eat disgusting salmon. And it’s Wednesday, so WTF are you doing that you can’t watch this video?

Bet you The Donald wouldn’t go anywhere near raw fish, let alone the state of Alaska. Come to think of it, he probably wants to build a wall around them too.

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