This Awesome Texas State Student Rolls To Class In A Barbie Jeep

Growing up in the city, I was never afforded the luxury of those awesome Power Wheels that always used to be on TV. All the same, this story of one Texas State University student named Tara Monroe has me feeling nostalgic as hell.

For reasons we won’t get into, Tara’s car was taken away from her. So rather than ride the bike her father left with, Tara decided to pony up $60 and bought a Pink Barbie Power Wheels Jeep.

It’s pretty much the biggest middle-finger I’ve ever seen in my life. To whom? I don’t know. But this just screams awesome to me and anyone else with a sense of humor. And that’s why we’ve gone ahead and decided that Tara is your “Epic College Chick of the Week.” It’s a no-brainer really.


— Nikki Stevens (@OoHeyitsNikki) August 31, 2015

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