South Carolina Fraternity Rush Suspension: Details & Info

University of South Carolina Fraternity

Greek life at The University of South Carolina has been put on hold after SC’s Intrafraternity Council announced last night via email that they have suspended the rush activities of 13 different fraternities. [lead image via Shutter Stock]

Update 9/15/2015: Jonathan Withrow, the man responsible for the rush suspension has resigned following a motion to impeach him.

According to the letter which you can read in full below) “several organization allegedly disregarded our warning and held events with alcohol with PNMs [Potential New Members / Rushes] present and/or violated university, Fraternity Council, and national organization’s FIPG and risk management policies.” The crazy thing is that these events were INFORMAL rush events, i.e. assemblies of people that potential had nothing to do with rush.

So what gives?

We’re of the opinion that this the fallout from last year’s tragic deaths of Charlie Terreni and Tucker Hipps (of Clemson). While those fraternities can argue their innocence until the cows come, schools like Clemson and SC are going to do whatever they can to limit the dangers presented to their students. Slowing rush to a stop puts fraternities at a serious disadvantage, a fact that can’t be lost on the administration.

Now having said that, if we were betting men (which we definitely are), this is a letter to stall and impede the fraternity system but we’d be surprised if anything serious came out of the “investigations.” We would still encourage the fraternities to challenge exactly what “evidence” the school has against them.

You can read the full letter below.

South Carolina Fraternities Suspended

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