In Case You Forgot About Lauren Conrad, She’s Looking Hot on the Cover of Cosmopolitan

For those of you who don’t remember Lauren Conrad – or want to pretend that you’ve never seen Laguna Beach or The Hills – we’re here to tell you that she’s doing awesome, and looking good.

The 29-year-old reality star and newlywed is on this month’s cover of Cosmopolitan, sporting what looks to be an incredibly short, silky nightgown. There’s nothing about that sentence we hate, except for the “newlywed” part.

While Conrad has stepped away from reality TV vultures, she has managed to maintain a popular name. She’s stayed in the fashion industry and continues to do sporadic press, and also has a pretty loyal social media following (which after seeing these photos, we will now be part of).

Check out her hot photo spread below.

Lauren Conrad Sexy Pics Lauren Conrad Hot Photos

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