CMU Welcome Week 2015 Recap: Best Photos & Video

CMU Welcome Week

Central Michigan University‘s Welcome Week must have been straight up anarchy as we recently discovered that 192 students were either arrested or cited.

So what exactly were these students doing? According to CBS Detroit:

Citations included five for disorderly conduct, 56 for minor in possession of alcohol, two for nuisance party-attending, nine for nuisance party-hosting, 107 for open intoxicants, one for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, two for possession of drugs, seven for resisting and obstructing, one for retail fraud and two warrant arrests.

Most of those are pretty straight up, but “nuisance party-attending?” WTF is that? Is that like when you come through to a party with just a six-pack when everyone knows damn well you’re going to drink a case?

Or maybe nuisance party-attending is when you crash a football party with less-than-noble intentions.

Either way, the Chips are letting the world know that their parties aren’t to be taken lightly. Check out these photos from Welcome Weekend in the gallery below, and even more turnt videos below the gallery.

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