Instagram Girl of the Week: Ancy Daniel, Temple University

Meet Ancy Daniel, a beautiful and smart 21-year-old senior at Temple University and this week’s Instagram Girl of the Week. You’re looking at a future doctor here, people… feeling sick yet?

My major is kinesiology with a minor in neuroscience.

My dream job is to be a physician for a professional sports team. BUT I would love to have a fashion/makeup company on the side because come on, who wouldn’t love to try on new clothes and make up?!

Last Friday night, I had a gym session followed by a trip to the airport to head over to ATL for my cousin’s wedding that weekend.

My guilty pleasure is binge watching shows on Netflix!

A guy can get my attention by having a sense of humor! Granted I laugh at anything, but if you mix in a good sense of humor with some witty repartee, you got me hooked!

My favorite things about my school are the good vibes, beautiful diversity and the school spirit.

If I could take a trip anywhere in the world, I would like to find out what the thrill of Brazil is all about! That or Italy so I can venture out to see all the beautiful architecture and of course eat all the yummy traditional cuisines.

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