Uinta Brewing Company's Trader Session IPA is What's On Tap!

As summer winds to a close it is important to grab as many of your favorite craft beer styles as you can and enjoy them in the soft summer rain of the waning summer nights. This weekend I am enjoying one of my favorite summertime styles, session IPA, from an awesome brewery out west. This weekend, Uinta Brewing Company’s Trader Session IPA is What’s on Tap.
Named for the ability to drink several in one drinking session, because of their low ABV and bitterness, session IPAs are currently one of the craft beer styles that is in vogue, as every brewery is producing one. Uinta’s is unique in the malt that is present within the beer. Its aroma is malt heavy as is the frontend. Along with the malt there is a nice hoppiness to the brew that also gives off a floraly citrus taste. What surprised me the most, even knowing this was a Session IPA, was how minimal the ABV was, 4%! Trader Session IPA is a really fantastic Session IPA; it is low in ABV but still maintains a a nice malt/hop taste to it.
Perfect for hopheads looking for a “lighter” brew and those who are not fully into IPAs, this session is a clean and approachable. My suggestion is you do not pair this brew with a particular dish. Instead enjoy it by itself, on the beach, as the sun goes down, with your buddies, where and whenever. So cheers summertime memories and great summertime brews!
Beer Stats
Style: Session IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 4%
IBUs (Bitterness): 42

Beer Review Stats
Beer Advocate: 78 and —
Rate Beer: 44

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Instagram's New Feature Allows Landscape and Portrait Modes
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