North Dakota Becomes First State with Weaponized Police Drones, Probably Time to Move to Canada

Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, cause local police forces will begin using weaponized drones. In a move that signals the beginning of a Terminator-like war is closer than ever, a North Dakota bill was passed allowing their police to use weaponized drones, and I’m freaking out, man. [lead image via Shutterstock]


Now, law enforcement agencies in North Dakota are legally allowed to arm their UAVs with any manner of weapons, so long as they aren’t “lethal”. The bill was originally created specifically limit law enforcement’s ability to weaponize drones, while also demanding that police obtain a search warrant from a judge before employing drones in an investigation.

However, a rep from the North Dakota Peace Officer’s Association amended the bill to limit only “lethal weapons.” Anything classified as “less than lethal” is now allowed, which means cops can outfit their UAVs with everything from rubber bullets, pepper spray and Tasers to tear gas and sound cannons.

Similar to the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage, laws like this will certainly start popping up all over the country the next couple years, virtually inviting machines to take over and kill us all on a silver platter.

I’ve gotta say, all of this sounds eerily familiar…

Arnie tried warning us, we should have listened.



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