WATCH: Ronda Rousey’s Carl’s Jr Commericial

I love Ronda Rousey, I really do. She’s pretty hot, she kicks major a**, and she disses BOTH Floyd Mayweather and Donald Trump on the reg. All positives in my book. However, that doesn’t mean she can do no wrong, and unfortunately, this Carl’s Jr commercial is all sorts of wrong.

Watched it? Good. Now here’s everything I find wrong with this video:

  1. The actual sandwich looks like… a sandwich made with french toast, you know?
  2. I’ve seen Ronda Rousey look hotter DURING an actual fight.
  3. Maybe it’s just me, but the image of Ronda housing a breakfast sandwich doesn’t really get me goin’, ya know what I mean?
  4. She’s competing with Carl’s Jr legends like Emily Ratajkowski (who IMO is the hottest girl on planet earth right now) and Sara Jean Underwood. Even for someone as kicka** as Rousey, going up against those two is most likely going to count as a loss.


(The video’s safe for work, but I wouldn’t bother watching because I guarantee you won’t be able to focus for the rest of the day. Actually, on second thought, maybe it isn’t safe for work. I’m not quite sure, so, totally your call guy.)

Stick to what you’re good at, Ronda, which seems to be anything on this planet other than look sexy eating a fast-food breakfast sandwich.

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