WATCH: America’s Sweethearts Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Dance To “Uptown Girl”

There are two things most red blooded American men should enjoy: Billy Joel’s music and blonde women. This video gives us both. But not just any blonde women, but two famous blonde women. And not just two famous blonde women, but maybe America’s favorite blonde women: Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer. [lead image via Amy Schumer Instagram]

During a performance of “Uptown Girl” at Chicago’s legendary Wrigley Field, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, and some other randoms joined Joel onstage with a choreographed dance that included a kick line and a lot of pointing. Billy Joel is a god, Amy Schumer is hilarious, and Jennifer Lawrence is my dream girl, so I’m going to have to give this video a solid 8/10 (it’s tough to give anything without nudity or violence higher than an 8, just ask nightly news).

Also, I’m going to go on record right now by saying if Jennifer Lawrence were running for the Republican Nomination, she would be polling higher than Donald Trump. Guaranteed.

Why do I feel this way, other than the fact that literally nothing the Republican party does surprises me anymore? As Canadian poet Drake put it: “Jennifer Lawrence, you can really get it.”

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