Subway Allegedly Knew About Jared Fogle’s Perviness Back in 2008

Subway was allegedly alerted about Jared Fogle’s questionable behavior back in 2008, a new report says.

Cindy Mills, a former Subway franchisee who divulged Fogle’s weird remarks about middle school girls to media outlets shortly after he was arrested, claims she alerted the company about his behavior back in 2008. Obviously, nothing was done.

According to Gawker,

Mills, who was a Subway franchisee in Florida during 2006 to 2012, said that Fogle used to talk to her about his preference for young girls. He described sex with minors, including underage prostitutes between the ages of 9 and 16 in both the United States and in Thailand.

“I thought, ‘This man has a lot of money. Subway has a lot money. They have made each other a lot of money,’” Mills told Business Insider. “I was worried. I was scared to death.” Apparently, a high-level exec from Subway knew about Fogle and swept it all under the rug.

Apparently Mills was directed to CEO of SFAFT (Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust) Jeff Moody, who asked her to stop telling him about the disturbing comments, that he had heard similar complaints in the past, but that they were no longer of concern because he was dating someone.


The company is now investigating whether or not other employees knew about his behavior.

In a statement to People, Subway explained,“When we first heard about an alleged complaint being made to the company about Jared Fogle, we immediately investigated and found no record that this was ever brought to our attention. When we heard about the possibility of a second complainant, we began an investigation that is ongoing.”

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