Spain’s Tomatina Festival: Best Photos From Years Past


Spain’s 70th annual Tomatina Festival started yesterday and tomatoes were flying.

22,000 people gathered to partake in the world’s largest tomato-throwing festival, which is rumored to have started after two boys got into a fight during a parade and started throwing tomatoes at each other in retaliation. Thanks, kids!

The annual event began in 1945 and attracts people from all over the world. In 2002, it was declared an official festival by the Spanish Department of Tourism due to its worldwide success.

Roughly 150,000 tomatoes are used each year, only to be found buried in attendee’s hair and shorts, and street crevices. In short: we’re incredibly jealous that we’re stuck in New York working instead of getting pounded by tomatoes.

Check out the best photos from years past and book a ticket to head there next year – now.

[H/T: International Business Times]

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