Definitely Add Condoms To Your Back-To-School List

Obviously textbooks, clothes, and christmas string lighting are at the top of your list when it comes to your back-to-school shopping, but don’t you dare forget about condoms. STDs are no joke and the last thing anyone wants to be known as is “irresponsible” when it comes to getting down.

That’s right, believe it or not chicks dig a little accountability. According to a study from Trojan Brand Condoms:

College age adults are more likely to think a condom signals respect and responsibility than to think it indicates any of the negative stigma associations.

We all know that condoms are the right move, but for whatever reason some of us choose not to use them. So do yourself the favor and pick up some jimmy hats the next time you’re stocking up on mixers, dutches, or whatever else you’re buying at the deli.

Not only will they ensure you stay safe, they’ll help you hook up more often.

For more important information about safe sex education, and where to buy the best condoms, lubes, and vibrators, check out today.

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