Dave Grohl Chugs Beer With Fan Onstage, World’s Last True Rock Star

Dave Grohl has been killin’ the game for almost 25 years now.

To give a little perspective, he has been a legend for longer than I have been alive, being part of two of the greatest bands of the last couple decades. However, given today’s music industry – with the Nicki Minajs and Ariana Grandes of the world dominating (and subsequently ruining) the scene – there is little room left in the spotlight for rock bands, let alone true rockstars.

Alas, one true rock star remains: David Grohl. Whether it’s being the last band to appear on Dave Letterman’s final show, inviting a fan onstage to cover Rush songs, or Rickrolling the Westboro Baptist Douchebags Church, Grohl seems to be batting 1000 this year.

Well, our dude Grohl just hit another home run, this time inviting a fan celebrating his 50th birthday onstage to share a beer chug. Like I said, this guy is a legend.

However, as awesome as this video may be, I have one problem with it: ain’t no shot in hell this fat guy’s turning 50. We never really get a good look at his face, but come on, my man is wearing a snapback, a baseball shirt, and cargo shorts. This man either lied about turning 50 to get onstage,  or is actually 50 and enjoys wearing those clothes, neither of which are particularly great options. Either way, it’s great to see the world’s last living rock star continue to rock out as hard as he possibly can.

Oh, yeah, did I mention he’s doing all of this with a broken leg, performing from what appears to be a Game Of Thrones inspired iron throne.

dave grohl


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