Tennessee Vols Cheerleaders: Hottest Photos of the Squad

Tennessee Cheerleaders

Recently, The University of Tennessee has been somewhat of an afterthought. Their once storied football team wasn’t very good, their basketball team isn’t very good, and on top of all that, they are in Tennessee, and we never really hear much out of Tennessee. I guess people who love barbecue food and bluegrass music are all about it, but other than that, we never hear much out of Tennesseans (which, in comparison to how much sh*t comes out of a state like New Jersey, is probably a good thing). Sure, their football team might be ranked in the top 25 again this year, but with the season yet to begin, that is bound to change.

However, today, kind people of planet earth who don’t live in the state of Tennessee, I present you with a reason to start caring about the state of Tennessee, and that reason is their flagship university’s cheerleading squad.

The University of Tennessee played its first college football game in 1891, actually playing their first five seasons without a coach. To date, the University of Tennessee has laid claim to six national college football titles, with the last title coming with Peyton Manning at the helm in 1998.

That wraps up my history lesson for the day. Now, go take what you just learned about UTenn and forget all about it as you click through this smoking hot gallery of their cheerleaders.

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