Ohio University Student Tweeting Full Names of Anyone Accused of Sexual Harrassment

The United States of America, as messed up as we might think it is right now, is based on a few very important principles. The presumption of innocence aka “innocent until proven guilty” is one of those.

So when Rebecca Baker, an Ohio University student, claims that she plans on Tweeting the full names of anyone accused of sexual assault, things are going to get ugly. But that’s exactly what she plans on doing with the Twitter account @SpeakUpOU.

So far, the only thing that she’s posted are these imbeciles (which we have no issue with)

…but that doesn’t mean this can’t get out of hand very quickly. Here’s a piece from The Post Athens article, the second OU story regarding rape and sexual assault we’ve quoted in as many days:

While the question of honesty comes into play, Baker has faith in her classmates.

“Really, I trust the people who would be sending these things because it’s an important issue,” Baker said.

She also has no problem using the accused’s full name on her account, as she said she thinks it’s more important that people know that harassment is happening than whether or not it hurts someone’s reputation.

“Considering the fact that we live in a society where a man can be accused of raping a woman and, whether he did it or not, can be found not guilty and go on to get a sports scholarship, putting it out there probably won’t ruin their life,” Baker said.

First of all, if a man didn’t sexually assault or harass someone he shouldn’t be found guilty. He shouldn’t even be accused. Second of all, not every male on campus is an athlete with a key to campus. Most guys can’t even bench 145 pounds. So for her to assume that lives won’t be ruined with potential false accusations is utterly preposterous. “Putting it out there” doesn’t even come close to the gravity of a false rape accusation.

Any man who’s worth anything in his life should stand up against sexual assault, violence and rape. There is no grey area there. But the truth of the matter is that the court of public opinion can be very damning.

All we’re saying is that we hope that Rebecca rethinks her strategy a little bit. We applaud her for taking a strong stance against sexual harassment but urge her to think twice about how she’s going about it.

Meanwhile, what is it about Ohio University? Is there really more of a problem on campus there or are they just more active in fighting sexual assault?

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