Is The McWhopper, A Burger From Burger King & McDonalds, Actually Coming?!?

Because this news has made my mind go a million directions at once, I’m going to try and regain my composure, do my job, and relay this information to you as simply as possible: Burger King has proposed an idea to McDonalds that would create a a burger that is half Whooper, half Big Mac. Oh. My. God.

That’s right, Americans, the two most iconic burgers in American history are preparing a peace treaty, so you should probably start clearing out your arteries and toilets now.

Burger King is proposing to make the merger on Peace One Day’s Peace Day, set to take place September 21. According to Peace One Day’s website, Peace Day is “an annual day of global unity, a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known.”

On that day, a Burger King-McDonald’s pop-up shop will be built in Atlanta, halfway between Burger King’s Miami HQ and McDonald’s Chicago home base, according to USA TODAY. The store, packaging, burger and even employees working the shop will all be equally split between the two fast food heavy weights. However, this will only be a one time offer, because after September 21, the shop will be taken down.

This has the potential to be the greatest merger we have seen in food since the historic Milk & Cookies Peace Accord of 1913.


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