LSU Frat Dudes Frat Too Hard, Smash Beer Bottles Over New Pledges’ Head

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for fraternity news, and things just keep getting worse. The latest comes from LSU, where a new fraternity member was reportedly hit over the head with a beer bottle during fraternity bids.

SIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHH. When are these bros going to learn to take it down a notch? Like, for real. I’m not asking them to turn it down from 11 all the way to zero, but a notch or two lower wouldn’t hurt anybody, would it?  Every single week I find myself writing a negative post about a fraternity, and every single week it frustrates me. As a member of a Rutgers fraternity, it’s tough to watch, and then subsequently report on – my fellow fraternity men continue to make idiots of themselves.

Brandon Roy, LSU construction management student, was hit over the head with a beer bottle on the unofficial bid night — an LSU Greek tradition commonly accompanied by drunken fights and general stupor, both of which have apparently become staples of fraternity culture.

bottle smash

On Tuesday, photos of Roy circulated around the LSU community.­ The image showed the student with his arms limp at his sides, turning the hospital’s ghost white bed sheets into crimson red.

Luckily, Roy seems to be the frattiest of them all, chalking his injury up to, and I quote, “boys being boys,” and that he’s “really not letting it bother him.”

Unfortunately, this is another entry in the seemingly endless stream of news about frats doing dumb sh*t. Be sure to check in next week, tomorrow, and probably in the next couple of minutes, as another fraternity is bound to do something stupid that’s worth reading about.

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