Caitlin O’Connor and Friends Bring Hotness to Steelers Hype Video

Caitlin Oconnor Steelers

Former Miss COED Caitlin O’Connor and her beautiful friends took to the streets of Pittsburgh yesterday to shoot a Steelers hype video that is certain to get you pumped for the NFL season.

I know what you’re thinking, “But Eric, football is my sh*t. I can’t possibly get any more excited than I already am.”

First, anything is possible if you try. Don’t sell yourself short and believe in your dreams. You can be, or do, whatever you want in this life. Except preferring turkey burgers over ground beef burgers, those people are delusional and are not to be trusted. But other than that, you’re options in this life are virtually limitless.

And secondly, yes, of course you can get more hyped  for the upcoming NFL season, especially when a bunch of smoking hot blondes are telling you to.

The videos not out yet, but we’ll be damn sure to let you know when it is. In the mean time, you can follow Caitlin and all her lovely friends on Instagram, which I so kindly linked below (you’re welcome) or save yourself some time and check out the gallery of BEHIND THE SCENES (!!!)  pictures we threw together for you.

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Caitlin O’Connor, Marissa Trilli, Dessie Mitcheson, Savannah Potocnik, Marie Blanchard, Nicole Hampton, Paige Ocktobur

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