Ask a Babe: Nikki Howard Answers Your Life Questions

Look – life can be hard, and sometimes we need help. And who knows how to do life better than you? Hot girls.

Luckily model, actress, and all-around babe Nikki Howard is here to help. The brunette Floridian took time out of her day to contemplate your most pressing life questions in between shoots and hustling for roles, so be grateful! And be thankful that you’re getting advice from someone this hot!

Here’s what she had to say about manscaping, pooping at your girlfriend’s house, and how to impress her:

I’m heading into my freshman year and my girlfriend wants to stay together. With everyone I’m going to meet at school, I don’t want to risk passing up… opportunities. But I also don’t want to give my girlfriend up if I fail miserably with these new college girls. What should I do?
This is tough. I was in a long distance relationship for years. If you already feel like you’re afraid of missing out on other girls, that’s a sign you should probably break it off. The last thing you want to do is stay together and end up resenting her because you feel like she’s holding you back. And the last thing she wants is to be wondering what you’re doing while you’re gone.

I’m dating an older woman who’s way more experienced than me. Obviously I don’t want to let her know that. What do I do?
Ask her what she likes or what her fantasies are. Don’t be scared to take charge.

Do chicks prefer manscaping? 
I can’t speak for all women but from what I’ve heard, manscaping is a yes. I personally don’t like when guys have nothing down there. It reminds me of To Catch A Predator. I’m not about that life.

I had a threesome with these two girls and now one wants to date me. Is it weird to be skeptical about dating her?
What a tough life you have! Hahaha. Is it weird that you’re skeptical? No.

I went on a date with this girl and she got so drunk, she peed her pants. She felt pretty bad about it and I just think it’s hilarious. Do I give her another chance?
Hahaha, yes. Poor girl. I once dated a guy who got so drunk he opened up my closet and peed all over my clothes. When he woke up the next morning and I told him, he started laughing. He thought I was making it up. When I told him I was serious, he started hysterically crying. Give her another chance. But maybe go somewhere with no alcohol…

Is it appropriate to poop at your new girlfriend’s house? 
I think it’s appropriate to poop in any bathroom if you have to go. I mean, don’t f*ucking destroy the place if you just started dating -Febreze that sh*t.

How can a guy like me impress a girl like you?
Make me laugh. Bring me coffee. Don’t blow up my bathroom on the first date. I’m pretty simple.

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