Pop Tart Beer is Going To Exist, Satisfying Your Inner Child and Outer Alcoholic Simultaneously

The latest in a line of ridiculous breakfast-inspired brews, Pop Tart Beer is about to become a thing, like an actual thing. Like a thing that you can buy, with like, money. Last week we brought you the story of Wheaties flavored beer. That was pretty cool, I guess, until San Francisco brewer 21st Amendment rolled through to up the ante with Toaster Pastry, an India Red Ale that’s an homage to Pop-Tarts.



After its introduction at the brewery, the beer, which comes in at 7.6% alcohol by volume, will be available in 19.2 oz. cans – a new size for the brewery’s seasonal offerings. Samples aren’t yet available, so no one knows if these will be delicious, or like drinking beer mixed with pink sugar. Either way, we’re interested.

I’m not sure how to take this latest wave of beer concoctions: is it a sign of innovation or a sign of laziness? On one hand, Pop Tart beer sounds pretty dope, but on the other hand, you find yourself wondering, “Did I really just say Pop Tart Beer?” Or imagine the looks you would get trying to order one at the bar. But it is 7.6% alcohol, which will definitely have you feeling wavy, so that makes it worth it? What came first, the beer or the tart? So many questions.

Honestly, this Pop Tart Beer is causing me to have a little bit of an existential crisis.

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