Georgia Bulldogs Cheerleaders: Hottest Photos Of The Squad

University of Georgia Football is kind of like a girl who’s an 8 out of 10: they’re plenty attractive, but when push comes to shove they just aren’t up there with the top dogs (Yes, that’s a Georgia Bulldogs pun). However, their cheerleading team is another story entirely, being made up of only 9’s and 10’s.
The Georgia Bulldogs have a large co-ed cheer squad, and a great but smaller dance squad that perform at Georgia Bulldogs college football games. The Georgia Bulldogs cheerleaders are a co-ed squad with about 50 members annually, with roughly 35 of them being the women.

There isn’t much to care about in Georgia other than football. With their head coach going on his 15th year, and power house teams in the SEC like Alabama and LSU consistently besting the Bulldogs when it matters, their football program has lost some of the luster it had in the 80’s. None the less, their cheerleading team is fire and they’ll keep us tuning in all day, everyday.

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