Check Out This Miss Bum Bum Contestant Who Looks Exactly Like Megan Fox

We’re sure you’re familiar with Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum competition, but in case you’re not, here’s the pitch: contestants enter to walk around in string bikinis, and the best butt wins.
Sounds about as good as it gets, right? It gets better.

“But, Eric, how can a competition of beautiful Brazilian butts get any better?”
Because one of the faces attached to those butts happens to look just like Megan Fox.
Claudia Alende, who from here on out I will refer to as “the Brazilian Megan Fox,” has garnered over 200,000 Facebook followers thanks to her resemblance to Fox…. and of course her amazing bum bum.
This chick is unreal. Check out what all the fuss is about in the photos below.

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