Lucy Hale Forgot To Dress Appropriately for Teen Choice 2015 [PHOTOS]

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale showed a complete lack of class by showing up all sexy for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards red carpet, and, boy, are we disgusted. This seems to happen every year. There’s always some sensationally hot starlet who decides to just go baring their breasts–even though the 2015 Teen Choice Awards red carpet is clearly being watched by impressionable young minds.¬†[photo: Jason Merritt/Getty]


Well, Lucy has certainly made an impression on us this year. We guess that we’ll let this go without getting all upset. It’s not nearly as bad as what Pretty Little Liars did to us earlier this week with the unveiling of “A.” That was a pretty belabored twist.

Still, we hate to think of others being upset by Lucy flaunting herself at such an innocent¬†event, so we’ll just go ahead and show you 22 of Lucy Hale’s Hottest Photos on the internet. We think you’ll find them to be very age-appropriate…

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