NFL Star James Harrison Returned His Kids’ Lousy Participation Trophies

James Harrison Instagra Participation Trophies i

James Harrison is a legend of the NFL and a former Defensive Player of the Year, and he didn’t fight that war so that his kids could get some Participation Trophies for just showing up to a game. Do you know when James Harrison showed up for a game? After he retied and went back to the Pittsburgh Steelers last year after his old team was having some problems filling in the linebacker position.

He’s still on the team, and the Steelers are damn happy to have James hitting the field. The former Kent State star was with the Steelers when they won Super Bowl XL and Super Bowl XLIII.

And it looks like Harrison plans to raise some champions, too. Check out his Instagram declaration after he came home and found some sad “coach” had the nerve to hand James’ kids some kind of participation trophy that was one step down from a token Good Sportsmanship plaque.

We like Harrison a lot, and hope this becomes a pitch for a reality show. The guy doesn’t need the money–but maybe it could be about him becoming a truck driver. He still has a commercial driver’s license, in tribute to his own truck-driving dad…

James Harrison Instagra Participation Trophies

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