Natalie Dormer Crowned Queen of 'Michigan Avenue' [PHOTOS]

Natalie Dormer shows up in the latest issue of Michigan Avenue magazine doing an interview (done in L.A.) that’s an impressive turn for local media. Now we’re thinking that Michigan Avenue might become our Great North version of Miami’s Ocean Drive when it comes to smart journalism with striking sex symbols.
Michigan Avenue even includes plenty of sexy shots of Natalie in clothes that we’d never be able to afford for our girlfriends, who, of course, would look just like Natalie in the assorted outfits…

The interview also does a lot to enforce Natalie’s reputation as a gal who really deserves her increasing stardom. She also seems pretty comfortable with the price of fame: “I get oil paintings from fans, computer-generated art from fans, fans approaching me in the toilet, fans approaching me in the sauna. It’s a Champagne problem, but I can’t really go anywhere without a, ‘Wait. Aren’t you…?’”
So check out the full article (and plenty of photos), and then maybe get back to checking out Natalie Dormer’s Hottest Photos on the Internet below  (and maybe more Game of Thrones girls here). It’s a great day for Michigan…

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