Kobe Bryant Wants To “Ride Off Into The Sunset” With USA Basketball

Kobe Bryant’s time in the NBA and playing for USA Basketball is coming to an end.  He has talked about this coming season being his last one and the idea of him playing in the 2016 Olympics has been discussed. If people want to listen to USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo however, it would appear that Bryant wants one final chance to shine. [lead image via Getty Sports / Stu Forster]

Colangelo said on Thursday after the team’s intrasquad scrimmage that Bryant said to Colangelo “in a private conversation that if he had his druthers, he would love to ride off into the sunset playing one more time and winning the gold medal and that would be the end.” It is an interesting thought for Bryant and would be a great way to go out.

Will USA Basketball allow him to do that though? There are plenty of great players out there who would love to get their chance to play in the Olympics and for Bryant to take one of their spots probably wouldn’t be the best way to go.  Maybe he can be an honorary coach instead of playing but sounds like it will be up to Colangelo and company to get it all figured out in the next year.

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