Of Course There’s A Donald Trump Adult Film Parody Coming Soon

Wonderful citizens of the United States of America, brace yourselves, because the Donald Trump Adult Film Parody you never asked for is on its way. Honestly, this does not surprise me one bit. It was only a matter of time. This is America, after all, where the only thing more important than politics is porn.

Presented by WoodRocket.com (NSFW obviously), the upcoming flick’s description is as follows: 

Donald Tramp – The XXX Parody features the sexiest, silliest, and most opinionated sex of all time! Screw the debates! There is not a Republican candidate that will get you as hard as Donald Tramp!

Starring the legendary Dick Chibbles in the TITular (get it?) role, Donald Tramp looks to recreate the success of 2008’s classic satirical pornography, Who’s Nailin Paylin? , which famously starred Lisa Ann as Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

This concludes an eventful week for the Donald, who despite his seemingly reflexive bashing of women, still holds a 21% approval rating amongst Republican women. WTF. Welcome to America, where anything can happen.

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