Listen To President Barack Obama’s Favorite Summer Songs

President Obama’s favorite songs were released today via Spotify on two new playlists. One is titled, “The President’s Summer Playlist: Night,” while the other is titled “The President’s Summer Playlist: Day.” [lead image via Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla]

In doing so, he’s essentially given you the most appropriate music to play at your parties. Thanks Obama!

Obama’s Summer Playlist: Night

If you’re looking for a dinner party soundtrack with some more politically minded individuals, this is your go to.

Most of the songs are pretty retro–something that’s understandable considering Obama’s age. But he did ensure to include a few songs from artists like Beyonce and Mos Def to let the kiddies know that daddy knows how to get down.

Obama Spotify Playlist

Obama’s Summer Playlist: Day

Hanging out with the family or relatives during the day? Throw on this selection from POTUS and see if your Republican-minded kin notice.

Obama Day Playlist


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